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Many hospitals work on different proprietary systems. Do you work your accounts through the hospital system?
In most cases, we utilize our proprietary software system to work the accounts by importing provider data into our system. In specialized projects, we can work the accounts through the hospital system. Our staff is highly experienced in a variety of different platforms for hospital billing and is able to adapt to any technological environment..

Do you outsource any work outside the United States?
No, we do not.

Will you provide on-site staff at a hospital to serve as financial counselors?
Absolutely. In fact, we tailor each project to meet the client’s needs. We have a highly trained, bilingual staff who is available to serve as an on-site financial counselor or as a financial counselor at any satellite campus.

Does your compliance plan include HIPAA policies?
Yes. We have a thorough compliance plan that was written and is actively enforced in accordance with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) regulations. As a business associate, we are required to be in compliance with all regulations outlined in the HIPAA law. We work closely with our clients to ensure compliance at every level.

How does our information get to Allegiance Billing & Consulting?
Allegiance Billing & Consulting will make arrangements, with your office, that will suit your needs. We can arrange to pick up data from you via mail services, e-mail, fax, or phone. We will make sure we receive the information in a manner that is as efficient as possible for your office.

How can Allegiance Billing & Consulting work for me? What changes or delays will there be?
You decide how much or how little you want us to help. Once you are a client, we structure each engagement based on the client's current needs. We prefer to start with a walk-through of the practice in order to identify areas that can improve your efficiencies and, ultimately, your revenue.

How will outsourcing affect my staffing needs?
Typically, outsourcing can reduce the need for staff at your location. Depending upon the size of the practice, the expenses associated with personnel payroll and benefits may be significantly reduced.

How much control will I lose control by outsourcing my billing?
This is a common question and fear. In truth, you'll probably increase your control. Each client works with an experienced, healthcare professional (account manager) who meets with you on a monthly basis to review the practice’s financial performance and any other pertinent issues. While it may be true that you can’t walk down the hall to see your billing department, your account manager is monitoring billing, follow-up, and collection activities for you on a daily basis. Most physicians do not have the time to exercise this same level of control—even if billing is down the hall. Your account manager will provide monthly feedback that will really put you in control of your practice.

Can you handle my unique reporting requirements?
Our system can handle virtually any reporting requirement. If we capture the data element, then we can report it back to you. If, for example, you wanted an alphabetic listing of male patients with a specific diagnosis code in a specific zip code for a specific date range—we can report that.

Will Allegiance Billing & Consulting handle my checks?
We can handle your banking deposit needs via a lockbox, if that is your preference. Or, you can make the deposits and send copies of the checks/Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) to us for processing. The choice is yours.

What kind of payment arrangements are there for Allegiance Billing & Consulting's services?
You will receive regular statements detailing service rendered, as well as our fees, as agreed upon at the initiation of our contract.

How is follow-up handled on the claims?
We will diligently work each claim until we come to a satisfactory resolution. We will certainly communicate any serious issues to you, but you can rest assured we will take care of all follow-up work. Each account is placed in a specific status code so, at a glance, we can identify where the account lies in the claims cycle.

How will our patient inquiries be handled?
Allegiance Billing & Consulting will handle all patient billing inquiries from our office. We will make sure the patients can contact us easily. Should patients contact your office regarding a billing issue, please direct them to our office. Should patients contact us regarding an inquiry other than billing, we will professionally refer them to you.

How does Allegiance Billing & Consulting handle our patient billing?
Patient statements will be generated on a 28-day running cycle to inform the patients of activity on their accounts. Patient statements will clearly indicate when a patient balance is due. Should it be necessary, we will contact the patients by a series of letters and phone calls regarding any delinquent balances. We will contact your office and make recommendations for possible outside collections activity, if necessary. We will work closely with your office to make sure that your patients’ accounts are handled in a manner that meets your approval.

Do I have to turn over all of my billing to Allegiance Billing & Consulting at once?
No. Allegiance Billing & Consulting will work with your office in a manner that best suits the needs of your practice! If you find that you would prefer to send us a portion of your accounts (i.e., difficult accounts, claims needing appeals, accounts for a certain payer), we will be happy to make suitable arrangements. We are also prepared to take on all of your billing needs without any delay.

Allegiance Billing & Consulting is a medical billing, reimbursement/consulting company that assists medical practices in maximizing revenue while curtailing costs. These solid business solutions are obtained by providing physicians and other healthcare professionals with the option of outsourcing their medical billing needs. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and we will customize our services to fit your needs

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